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Leap with the Money Frog

We all TOADally like the idea of attracting more wealth into our lives and the King Money Frog, or the Three-Legged Toad, or the commonly known Feng Shui Money Frog, is an auspicious symbol used in Chinese culture to portend just such an event.



Feng Shui Money Frog Facts:

During the Full Moon, this mythical three-legged toad is said to appear at the front door of the homes whose occupants are about to get good news, typically good news of incoming wealth.

The King Money Frog is sometimes depicted with the Bagua (the octagon shape that depicts the 9 life areas) on its back to symbolize protection and balance. Lilly hoppers with this symbol emphasize the Frog’s ability to protect their owners both financially and in other areas of their lives and keep abundance flowing in a balanced manner into all life areas.

The Frog’s iconic symbolism of wealth is accentuated oftentimes with the frog carrying a Chinese coin in its mouth, and/or sitting on a bed of Chinese coins or gold ingots – reminds me of the leprechaun’s bag of gold treasure.

These little bug-eyed friends usually are made of brass or jade, or are painted in “gold”, all of which increase their abundance producing energies.


Frog Feng Shui:

Placement of your money frog is important! This frog is carrying abundance to its new master and so it should face your front door if it is placed OUTside your home or it should face into the home if it is IN the home (unless in a corner… see below) – just keep in mind that you don’t want him to face away from you and carry wealth out the door!

The ideal placement of your money prince is just inside your front door, low, but not on the floor, protected, but not hidden, much the way a toad may want to sit on a log, under a leaf near a  pond, rather than up in a tree or deep underfoot.

Another ideal pad for the frog is in your “Prosperity & Abundance” corner (the far left corner of the room from the front door), this time you can place him in the corner facing the door.

Corners are areas where energy flow naturally gathers and by placing the frog in the opposite corner of the entrance with his mouth facing the door, it is energetically gulping in large amounts of abundance each time the door is opened and keeping it “protected” and “balanced”.

You can place as many as 9 Money Frogs in your living room, garden or in the area of the home where you do your finances…   but do not place it in your bedroom or bathroom… no! no! no!


Ya gotta kiss a lot of Frogs!

I’m all for using cultural symbols as reminders of our intentions and as tools to improve energy flow. I will say, however, that the more personally you relate to a symbol, whether it be a lucky penny or a two-dollar bill your grandmother gave you, the more energy it is likely to infuse you with throughout your day-to-day life.

The King Money Frog may be the very thing to hop in your life and change your established ideas on how abundance flows. If you think money can only come through your work or is capped out at only a specific amount, take a leap with a three-legged toad and hop on the money pad!

One Response to Leap with the Money Frog

“Kind, intuitive, funny brilliant and compassionate man” – Shannon S

“Kind, intuitive, funny brilliant and compassionate man” – Shannon S

Shannon S:

Bottom line: CALL AND BOOK AN APPOINTMENT WITH SALVATORE!!! He really is a gifted Feng Shui practitioner! Now, for the rest of the story.

I was in a transition in my life and was feeling very STUCK! A friend of mine recommended his Feng Shui consultant, so I gave her a call. Well, she never returned my call or responded to my emails. That’s when I turned to YELP.

I looked at a number of Feng Shui consultants, but I kept coming back to Salvatore’s page. I went to his website and watched his video on his website. I know it sounds cliche, but I really liked his energy and how he came across. So I contacted him. Am I glad I did!

He responded promptly to my request for more information with a brief, yet thorough explanation of his services which included energy clearing and a thorough analysis of my interior and exterior space. In addition he would make suggestions for enhancing the flow of energy and remedies for correcting negative situations. I booked an appointment.

He arrived at my apartment at the appointed time and after the initial exchange of greetings and introductions, he went right to work. First he evaluated the external energy flow of the exterior of my apartment, then on to the interior.

Initially he engaged me into a thoughtful inquiry as to my goals in life and where I was feeling stuck. Then using the Ba-Gua map, we went room by room and he made excellent suggestions including paint colors, and where to place plants, furniture, crystals and mirrors to indeed enhance the flow of energy in my home and my life! This process took about 2.5 hours

After our initial meeting, Salvatore made it clear that I could contact him at anytime to ask him some follow-up questions or run things by him. I did, and he always responded to my inquiries.

I couldn’t agree more with what a prior YELP reviewer said about Salvatore. He is indeed a “kind, intuitive, funny brilliant and compassionate man” and I too highly, highly HIGHLY recommend his services

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